Summer 2009 Road Trip

I have just finished plotting for our road trip this summer.  The two main target destinations would be the Grand Canyon and the Apache Trail, both in Arizona.  Other spots we would like to visit are:

  • Historic Route 66 near Barstow (did you see Disney/Pixar’s Cars movie).  There’s a musem (Mother Road, that we’d like to check out.
  • We’ll be staying for a few days in Cornville, near Sedona. This will be our base for visiting the following spots:
  • the Grand Canyon
  • Slide Rock State Park ( where we could try to slide down a natural water chute at this park.
  • Out of Africa Wildlife Park (
  • We will also be visiting and staying in Phoenix for a couple days.  Around Phoenix/Scottsdale area, a few things to see, including:
    • Apache Trail, State Route 88 (  This should be fun.  Half of the route is actually graded dirt (off road type)
    • Dining and fun at Rawhide Steakhouse, an 1880’s Western Town Experience (

    All and all, I believe we would have driven about 2500 miles by the end of the trip. The kids are so excited already.  If you have experience or suggestions to tell us, please do so.  Any information about these destinations and other spots that you might suggest to us will only help us prepare better.  Thank you.

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