Mexican Riviera – Day 1

Carnival's early check in at the Queen MaryToday is check in and boarding day. We left the hotel at about 9:30am, bought something to eat and headed for port of Long Beach. Our cruise ship, Carnival Pride, is docked next to Queen Mary. There’s a parking structure to leave our car, safely, during our cruise. The cost to park there is $12 per day.

Once we parked our car, we walked into Queen Mary. Normal check in doesn’t start until about 12:30pm, but ‘early’ check-in is available in the Queen Mary. The check-in location is on the far right side of Queen Mary. There was a line but it was not too long and the line was moving nicely. Since I have completed every possible forms on-line, it took the counter person just a fairly short period to process our check-in. We were given a piece of paper that says ‘Group 1’. That piece of paper would allow us to line up, later, in group 1 line and would make us the first group to board the ship.
After checking in, we went back to our car to grab our bags. We had two big bags that we gave to the bag porter to have the bags sent to our room. The porter told us that the bag would be in front of our room by the time we get to our room … don’t believe that! The bags did not reach our room until later that evening. With just our carry-ons with us, we now had time to look around, took pictures and just relax for a bit.

On the bridge to board Carnival PrideBy 12:30pm, we went to our line (Group 1) and started to move into the white ‘dome’ building. We passed through security checking, just like the security line in airports. Once we passed security check, we were directed to go upstairs to get to the bridge that leads to the ship entrance (Atlantic deck 3, midship). Our room is one deck above (Main Deck 4, starboard, aft, #4161), so we took the stairs and headed to our room. The room was not ready though, the Steward was still cleaning the room. So we then went for a tour of the ship. We stopped on Lido Deck 9 by the midship pool. Sat there, enjoying the view while sipping our first drinks on board!

Bon VoyageWe came back to our room at about 2pm. The room was ready, but as I eluded above, our bags were not there yet. At 4pm, there was a Life Boat drill. It was mandatory for all guests. By 4:30pm, Carnival Pride set sail for Puerto Vallarta. Bon Voyage!


This first evening on board, we did not go for the restaurant’s dinner. Instead, we took our time and leisurely dined in Mermaid’s Grille. After dinner, we went to a Latin Dance instructions. At the end of the session, the ship’s band performed latin music and participants got to dance to live music. At about 10pm, we went to watch the ‘Welcome Aboard Show’ at the Taj Mahal Lounge. That’s about the end of the first day. Our bags arrived just before we left for the show. No body got sea sick too badly. Prianka got a little headache, that’s it. It’s been a fun day on a fun ship.

Pictures from day 1: /v/2008/Mexican+Riviera/Day+1/

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