Mexican Riviera Cruise

Today we drove to Long Beach, CA and staying at this Holiday Inn: We stopped by UCLA. Jessica has been admitted by UCLA and we just wanted to take a tour of the campus.

We stopped by the store at the Student Union. It’s a quite a big store. All and all, it’s quite a nice urban campus that’s located in the heart of Beverly Hills. Our visit was, however, ruined by getting a parking ticket :( We didn’t realize we parked at a restricted area. The signs were not anywhere close and visible to us. We’ll try to dispute the violation, otherwise we would need to pay $45 … ugh!

Tomorrow, we will board Carnival Pride for a 7 days Mexican Riviera cruise. This cruise includes 3 port of calls: Puerto Vallarta, Matzalan, Cabo San Lucas. I will post information about this exciting cruise experience as soon as I get a chance.

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