Merced, Day 1

For a couple days we will be in Merced for a dance festival – Kiki Raina Tahiti Fete.  Merced is located in the Central Valley of California, the heart of California farm land, about 120 miles south east of San Francisco, on Highway 99.  We left home right after lunch.  It took about 2 hours to reach Merced.  When we arrived, the temperatur in Merced was at 78F (~25C), dry, very windy and dusty.  You can smell the typical farm country scent, the mix scent of hays and farm animals’ musk.


We are staying in Ramada Inn. I booked the motel thru RCI poin exchange.  When I made the booking, I thought RCI was giving me a suite room, but at checked in, today, I was given a 2 queen beds room.  Ugh … I have to deal with RCI later about this.  We also had to wait for about 45 minutes before we could actually get to our assigned room because the cleaner was still working and cleaning the room.  The room is a good size room.  The bathroom though is very small and a little smelly … not the best. Next time we need to be in Merced, we definitely will stay away from this particular Ramada.

We asked one of the ‘Mexican’ cleaning lady for a good Mexican restaurant for dinner.  She pointed out that Mi Casa, which is just accross the street from the motel is very good.  That’s where we headed for dinner.  The restaurant was quite empty when we get there.  You get a choice to go for the buffet or order from the menu.  We took a peek at the buffet and saw the options are limited for us.  Most of the dishes on the buffet table were pork based.  We opted for dishes from the menu.  My wife had soft taco, Jessica and I had a burrito and Prianka went for the Nachos Grande.  The quality of the food is just so so.  We could get a much tastier Mexican dishes close to home for less.  Dinner cost us $24.

By the time we got back to the motel from dinner, the hotel parking lot has become full.  When we came in earlier today, we saw the sign at the front of the motel welcoming ‘dancers’ of the Tahitian fete.  So I assume a lot of dancers are staying at the same place as we are.  It’s time to wind down.  We need to wake up really early tomorrow and go to the Merced County Fairground so Prianka can check in for her dance competition on time.

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