Day 9, a day at the Water Park


While the kids had their first full day of tour in Beijing, we, the parents, are supposed to be relaxing and doing nothing much today. There was an optional tour for us that would cost about US$ 75/person. We didn’t think that would be worth it, therefore, we decided to just spend the day relaxing and resting at the hotel. It turned out to be trully and excellent choice. We had fun for the day at the Grand Epoch City that was literally empty and quiet for the enjoyment of a few of us.

One of the facility in Grand Epoch City that we had not have the chance to experience was the ‘indoor’ Water Park. It’s a coincidence that right after lunch, we met Victoria and she provided us with VIP treatment for the day. Victoria was the hotel’s customer relation supervisor. She arranged for us a ride from the hotel to the Water Park and back (otherwise about 20 minutes walk each way). 4 of us went for the water park. My wife with 3 others were personally escorted by Victoria for a tour of the city’s beautiful and grandeur Da’an temple.


The water park was empty and we practically owned the park while we were there. There were only 6 customers of the park at that time. Prianka, her friend Kayna, Kayna’s dad and I. The other two were the wife of Brad McDavid’s and their son. Brad was one of the band’s director. He is from the University of Washington in Seattle.

My wife enjoyed the visit to the temple. She said it was magnificent. The temple was beatiful and full of huge, gold colored, statues. Unfortunately we did not have pictures of those statues since I had the camera with me at the water park.

Also, tonight we had the chance to go out and view the beautifully lighted Epoch City’s buildings.

Pictures: Day 9 album.

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