Day 8, Tianjin performance and soccer game

This morning we started a little slow. There was nothing scheduled until early lunch at 11am. At 12 though, everybody rushed into their waiting buses and ready to leave for Tianjin. We were informed there were 54 buses and all. Today was also rather very special for us. We received VIP treatment by having police squad cars giving escorts to our bus convoy. The road ahead of us was closed and traffic was held off so the convoy could get to Tianjin as quickly as possible, together and safely. Here’s a video clip of the bus ride and the arrival at Tianjin that I put up on youtube:

The first destination in Tianjin was the Cultural Square where the Olympic Orchestra performed. The three hubs took turn to show off their individual numbers. In the end the entire group performed their combined routine which began with the percussion show case and followed by the Olympic theme music. Here’s is the video clip:

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The official site of Beijing 2008 Olympics has an article about this performance:

At the end of the performance, everybody was fed with boxed Big Macs … what an original treat, in China 😉

Next destination in Tianjin was the Tianjin Olympic Center which is a 80,000 seats football/soccer stadium. We were treated to an exciting woman soccer match between China and Sweden. The stadium was full of red color wore and waved by Chinese supporters. They were so loud and a lot of fun to watch. China won the game with a 2-1 score. There were a couple of things we wished could have been better. One was the weather. It was steamy hot in that stadium. I swear we each lost a couple of pounds, easily, in the end. It was like staying in the steam room for a few hours. The other complain we had was the smoke from cigarettes. Try going into the men’s room, you’d have a difficulty breathing and looking any further than two feet because the room is full of smoke, no kidding!

Pictures: Day 8 album.

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