Day 13, Silk factory, Nanjing Road & Acrobatic show


The second day in Shanghai was also full of activities. In the morning we visited a Silk factory. This is a government owned/run factory and silk shop. We were given information and demonstration about silk making. The interesting thing is that there are two type of cocoon, single and double. As expected the double cocoon is very large compared to a single cocoon. The double cocoon is processed differently. It is not turn into silk threads but stretched into a big sheet of raw silk material. Multiple sheets are then used to generate layered material for quilts. We bought a few of those silk quilts.


After the factory, we went to Nanjing Road shopping center. Similar to Wangfujing Street in Beijing, Nanjing Road is the premier shopping area in Shanghai. We actually didn’t do much actual shopping at all. We were tired of shopping 😉 We did see some other folks from our tour group bought extra luggages. I suppose they needed the extra space for all the stuff they had been shopping while in China. Nanjing road is a very long walking road and we didn’t get to walk the entire road since it was then time to return to the bus.

Next on itinerary was a visit to Pudong. Yesterday we had a view of Pudong from the west side from the Bund and when we were on the cruise. Today we crossed over to Pudong. The buses went through a tunnel under the Huangpu river to get to the other side. The buses parked nearby the Pearl TV Tower. We walked around the area and took some pictures. We also went to a shopping mall to window shopping.

After dinner, we went to watch the Shanghai Acrobatic Show. It was a good show, nothing spectacular. For me, I was ready to head back to the hotel and pack for the trip back home.

Pictures: Day 13 album

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