Day 10, Silk Market, Opening Ceremony & Peking Duck Banquet


This morning we took the shuttle bus and went to, once again, the silk market. We wanted to purchase a few more souvenirs and gifts to bring back home. We had already went to the silk market on day 5, after the Tiananmen performance. The six floors building has everything to sell, from fake brand name clothing, shoes, watches, silks, jades, electronics, etc. There is a restaurant on the sixth floor and that’s where we had our lunch. On the outside, there were plenty of places to eat too. The most important element, the fun element, of shopping at this place is the haggling from the sales girls and the bargaining work you need to do. We were fortunate that our companion on the tour, Kenneth and Lei, speak the language and are experts in bargaining 😉 They helped us getting the best deal we could get at the silk market.


08.08.08 08:08 PM. That’s the precise date and time the 2008 Olympic officially began. I’m sure you all know why the Chinese selected that particular time to open the summer games. Most, if not all, of you must have also watched the opening ceremony, somewhere. It was a spectacular show and full of excitement. For us, we got to watch the opening ceremony on big screens that were setup around the dining hall (Cocktail Garden in Grand Epoch City) while dining on authentic Chinese dish, Peking Duck. Unfortunately, as much as how great that might sound, the reality was we had bad, tasteless dishes. Furthermore, the sound system in the hall was so terrible that we could not hear a thing. There was just too much echo. We returned to our hotel room as soon as we finished dinner and continued watching the opening ceremony on TV. The bad dining hall experience did not, however, diminish, our impression of the awesome ceremony.

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