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We own timeshares and often we have extra points and weeks that we will not be using.  From time to time, we will be selling those extra points and weeks at real bargain prices.  Our goal is not to make a living out of this service.  The goal is to sell the unused points and weeks which otherwise would go wasted/expired while generating just enough income to cover our timeshares’ mortgages and annual maintenance fees.

How can this benefit  you?

First of all, what we can offer is affordable first class, beautiful and luxurious resorts for you to enjoy. The large rooms provide the space and comfort to meet the needs of any couple, family or large group of vacationers. Most rooms are fully equipped with entrainment centers (flat screen HD TV, DVD player, stereo), kitchen, dining table, washer/dryer, whirpool, etc.  Additionally, there are extensive range of on-site activities and amenities (in addition to superb accommodations) to improve your vacation experience. Most resorts offer championship golf courses, ski mountain access, equestrian centers, water complexes, world-class spas and even five-star restaurants.

All the above, again, at a very affordable cost.  I can practically find you rooms at luxurious resorts, in 90 countries, for merely US $400-$700 for a full week stay. That’s a bargain you can’t afford to not take!

How do I take advantage of this wonderful opportunity?

First, you need to determine when and where you would like to go for your next vacation. It would be best if you can be flexible about the timing and destination but that’s not a requirement.  Once you have an idea as to where and when, then you could check the following:

  1. If our ‘Available Now‘ list matches your need:  ‘Available Now‘ is guaranteed rental unit, fixed time and fixed location that you can take advantage immediately. Use the ‘Buy Now’ button to securely purchase the available unit through PayPal secure service.
  2. Otherwise, you can contact us to inquire about other availability (use our ‘Inquiry Form‘).  It will require us to search for best available resort for you.  It could take one business day to complete our research and get back to you with a list of potential rentals.

Once you and us agree on a rental property, an immediate payment is required. Payment can be arranged the following way:

  1. If you live in the SF Bay Area, we can be very flexible in making an arrangement so your payment can get to us as quickly as possible and is convenient for both parties.
  2. Otherwise, you can pay us through PayPal (we can accept Visa/MC/Amex).

As soon as we received your payment, we will produce a ‘Booking Certificate’ in your name.  This certificate will be emailed to you and you will need to print a copy and bring it with you at check in time.

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