Google Chrome could not open your profile on NFS partition

One day, I started seeing an odd pop up every time I started google chrome on my linux box at work.  If I just click the ‘OK’ button, chrome would work just fine.  The pop up is quite annoying though.

After some research, I found that this is caused by NFS server locking your profile.  My home directory on my linux box is located on an NFS mounted partition (part of an NIS infrastructure).  Its quite known that for some reasons an NFS server can lock SQLLite files and never reqlinquish the lock.  That’s precisely what happened to my chrome profile.

To remove the lock, you would need to, kind of, relocate the file nodes.  You can do the following to achieve that:

  • cd ~/.config/google-chrome
  • mv Default Default.bak
  • cp -r Default.bak Default
  • restart your google chrome browser
  • then you can remove the old Default.bak directory

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