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Grilled Golden Pompano

Fish cooking is not my forte. Today we picked up golden pompano, also known as pomfret or bawal in Indonesian. I did not have much time to prepare but I knew I wanted it grilled. So, here’s what I did, my quick and easy recipe.

First, I marinade the fish with:
1. Garlic salt
2. Lemon Peper
3. Lime juice
4. Sprinkles of chili powder

Then I grilled the fish. I sprayed the griller with non-stck grill coating to ensure the fish won’t stick to it.

The grilled fish is served on rice. I also made a dipping sauce made of the following:
1. Chopped shallots (Ind, bawang merah)
2. Chooped Thai chilli pepper (Ind, cabe rawit)
3. Sweet, thick, soy sauce
4. A sprinkle of white pepper