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merced, day 2 – competition day


In the morning, we went for the free breakfast at the hotel. It’s pretty much the standard free hotel breakfast consisting of mini muffins, croissants, cereals, breads, milk, coffec, etc.  They just about good enough the get us started this morning.  We then left for Merced’s County Fairground where the Kiki Raina Tahiti Fete takes place. We were told that the opening was going to be at 9am and the we should have arrived there by 8:30am to check in.  We were on time, however, as it turned out, the door did not open until 10am … what a mess.

At checked in, Prianka was given a tag as dancer number 309.  Wow, that’s Ani’s birthdate and so we thought that it would have been a good sign of luck.  There were about 500 solo dancers competing today.  I think about 40 or so dancers were in Prianka’s age group (10-12 yr). They were all good dancers and Prianka did an awsome job herself.  However, it’s not her day today.  She did not make to to the final.  Thank Goodness, she also took the loss quite nicely.  She’ll have to practice more and a bit harder and hope to do better in July at the Reno, Nevada, competition.  As for now, we were heading back to the hotel to take a refresher and a little break.


By about 5pm, we went out again and drove around the downtown area of Merced, along Main St.  Merced is actually quite large in size and really nice looking.  We saw a well blend of old and new buildings architecture which makes Merced interesting. We found an inviting Mexican Taco shop called Cotija on 61 W Main St. We stopped by to have a few tacos … and boy what a good taco place we have found.  The ‘lengua’ (cow tounge) taco is sooo good! The taco is just $1 ea … what a deal.

We then headed for the University of California Merced.  UC Merced is the 10th and the youngest UC campus in California.  We’ve seen pictures of the campus and was interested to see it ourself.  It is located about 5 miles east of downtown Merced in a secluded but beautiful surroundings.  The campus is indeed beautiful.  It also, as it turned out, located next to Lake Yosemite.  We stopped by the lake and were just in time to catch the sun set over the lake … awesome view, breathless.  We took pictures and I will upload the pictures for you all to view when I get home.

Tomorrow we will be heading back home.  On the way, however, we plan to stop by and take a tour of Hilmar Cheese Company.  So, till tomorrow …

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