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Bonarda Restaurant, Burlingame


Today my wife and I, and the little one, went to meet a friend who is also a CPA.  He’s been helping us with our tax return for years and we went to his office to drop off tax stuff.  His office is in downtown Burlingame, just west of us, accros the bay.  Burlingame is a nice old town, pretty hi end.  We saw expensive cars such as Bentley, Maserati, Range Rover and the like trawling the downtown area.

For lunch, we went to Bonarda Restaurant & Bar.  Bonarda serves Nothern Italy/Mediteranean food and delights.  Our food review is a mix.  I had Linguini Seafoof (clams, mussles and prawns) which is really good.  My daughter had Fettucine with garlic cream sauce (also with prawns and scallops).  That is pretty delicious too.  My wife had the Salmon Pene and she said it’s quite tasteless.  The place is very nicely decored. Service is good and the price is reasonable.  I’d say 3.5 out of 5 point for this one.

Picutres are in the Burlingame album.