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Steamed Crabs, Baltimore Style

I love crabs, we love crabs, who doesn’t?  I have tried all kind of crab dishes and one of my favorite is the Baltimore (Maryland) blue crab, steamed, the Baltimore way.  If you are in the Baltimore area, you’ll notice that the Maryland Crab Cakes are not the only popular crab dishes around.  Venture into the harbor/marina area and you will find plenty of steamed crabs for you to feast on.  There are also plenty of ‘crab houses’ all around the Baltimore area.  about.com lists the top crab houses in the area.


The secret to steamed blue crab Baltimore Style is Old Bay seasoning.  I have used Old Bay for so may years and loving it.  I know some people who would prefer the J.O. Spice instead.  Frankly, I haven’t personally use J.O., but I have tried someone else’s dish seasoned with J.O. and I don’t really see much of a different. I have also seen references where people would mix the two seasonings together.  Bottom line, I think it’s a matter of personal preferences.  I stick to my ol friend Old Bay for now 😉  Old Bay can be found in many supermarkets and therefore a lot easier to purchase … or maybe you can even try to produce the seasoning yourself: http://www.bluecrab.info/recipes/seasoning.htm.

So, how do you steam blue crabs?  The basic method I follow is, surprisingly, provided by the maker of Old Bay itself: http://www.oldbay.com/Recipes/Crab/Main-Course/OLD-BAY-Steamed-Blue-Crabs.aspx. My added value, personal touch to the recipe is to replace water with beer.  Beer seems to help soften the crab shells a bit so it is easier to crack open the shells.  Beer also add a nicer smell to the steamed crab, naturalizing the vinegar smell a bit.  We still want the vinegar for the acidic smell and taste.


Enjoy your crab feast and to help you novice out there, here’s a how to pick/eat your crab instructions 😉