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Beijing 2008 Olympic Orchestra

Beijing 2008 Olympic Orchestra is a group of 2008 musicians and performers from 40 countries. The goal of the Orchestra is to support the Beijing Olympics goal theme of “One World, One Dream” and “Green and Human Olympics”. The group will perform over the course of two week performance run. They will also perform as three representative ‘hub orchestras’ distinct in artistic flavor. ‘Red’ hub represents the Americas. ‘Green’ hub represents Asia Pacific, Australia and New Zealand. ‘Gold’ hub represents China.

James Logan High School in Union City, as one of the best and elite High School Marching Band and Color Guard is selected to be part of the Red hub. Jessica has been part of the band for 4 years now. During that 4 year period, she’s been traveling and performing with the band in various places including participating at The International Easter Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. And even though she graduated HS last July, she will still have her last chance to be part of the band that is going to perform in Beijing.

This will be a very exciting and rewarding trip for her and for us, the family, as we will all be making the trip to China. One of the performance will take place on the Tiananmen Square. The group will be the first ever foreign performers allowed to perform on the square.

Here are a couple of newspapers articles about the band’s trip to China: