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Badminton, an old favorite sport

Badminton is a world sport that is very popular in Asia and Europe.  I used to be a nationally ranked junior player of Indonesia.  I used to love the game and played it a lot until about 1990. I had not played the game since until just this morning.


We were invited to a birthday party at ‘City Beach‘ in Fremont. I did not expect a badminton court and was ready with my basketball gears.  Once we were there, we saw not one, but two badminton courts, ready and very inviting.  I could not wait.  My girls played with me.  It was their first time and obviously it’s a little frustrating for them (learning it).  In the end, we had a lot of fun though.

Some badminton links:

Album: http://daudfam.net/gallery/v/2009/BadmintonCityBeach/