Beef scrambled eggs & Shrimp worcestershire sauce

Today is the last day of fasting and I thought I would cook some ‘chinese’ dishes.  When I looked for materials in the freezer, I found some large tiger shrimps and beef tenderloin.  So I thought I’d cook the meat as ‘beef with scrambled eggs’ and make the shrimp into ‘shrimp in butterred worcestershire sauce’.

Here’s what I did to create those dishes.  As usual, measurements are not included because when I cook, I don’t measure.

Beef with scrambled eggs:

  1. slice meat (beef tenderloin), not too thin
  2. marinate (10 min) in a mix of: sesame oil, soy sauce, rice cooking wine, oyster sauce and a bit of cornstach
  3. stir fry the marinated beef in a high heat until beef turns brown, then set the beef aside
  4. stir fry thinly sliced onions until they change color, then add in some oyster sauce
  5. put the beef in, immediately followed by chopped green onions and beaten eggs
  6. turn heat down, turn the mixture often and wait till eggs are just done

Shrimp in butter and worcestershire sauce:

  1. marinate shrimp in a mix of lemon juice and salt
  2. fry the shrimp in high heat until they turn red, set aside
  3. add butter and peanut oil into the frying pan
  4. add a couple crushed fresh garlic
  5. after about 30 seconds, add a mixture of cooking rice wine, worcestershire sauce, fish sauce, white pepper
  6. wait a few seconds until mixture is boiled then add the shrimp back into the pan and mix thouroughly
  7. serve with garnish of cucumber, tomato and lettuce.  you can also add slices of bell pepper and chopped green onions

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