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Recover lost Windows 7 user profile

At work, I had just received a new Dell desktop computer pre-installed with Windows 7.  First thing I did was to ‘join’ the computer into our internal Active Directory domain.  That was all good and I was able login to my desktop using my domain user id.  Then I started installing software and ‘personalizing’ my windows 7.  At some point, for some stupid reasons, I somehow removed my user profile folder (C:Users{myuserid}) … oops :-(   

From that point on, I wasn’t able to persistently store any personalization.  Everytime I logged off and re-logged in, a new ‘temporary’ profile is created.  On every logged in, windows would present me with a ‘warning’ message that in essence said it was not able to find my ‘profile’.  I did a few things to try to fix this issue, including:    

  1. manually adding C:Usersmyuserid folder
  2. removing/re-adding my domain user to the desktop
  3. detaching/re-joining the desktop to the domain

None helped.    

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Update to 'WordPress for BlackBerry' article

I found that Geolocation and Geotaging worked so well. They worked too well, in fact, that I had to update my original article and removed the geo tag. The geo tag had pin pointed exactly my home address which obviously is not good to show on a blog article 😉

WordPress for Blackberry

I’m testing a BlackBerry app for WordPress. This app looks to allow users to manage posts and comments. The app supports both and self-hosted wordpress like this.

I also have just added geolocation plugin to my site’s wordpress. Together with wordpress for blackberry and blackberry internal GPS, it’s supposed to allow me geo-tagging my postings. Let’s see if geo tag is attached to this post and displayed properly.

WordPress for BlackBerry can be downloaded from: (download)

Taking tar of a directory structure


I have a directory structure from one server that I need to mirror onto another server.  The directory structure/tree is deep and contains hundreds of subdirectories.  I do not want to spend hours manually creating the directory structure on the other server.  I also do not want to have to back up and restore the content in the subdirectories.

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Mac Mail TruePreview Plugin

How can we ‘stop’ macmail from automatically marking mails as read when we scroll through them? Answer is practically we can’t. A simple problem that’s very annoying.

There’s a work around. The so called ‘preview’ pane is, in mac mail, actually a ‘reading’ pane. Because it is a reading pane, your email is, obviously, marked as read as soon as it shows up in the reading pane. The work around is to close the lower window (so called preview pane) by dragging it’s edge down to the bottom of the page then mac mail won’t mark any selected messages as read. Still … very annoying and not a solution I want.

So come TruePreview ( to the rescue. TruePreview adds a preference panel to Mail’s preferences that allows you to mark messages as read immediately (Mail’s default), never, or after a delay. It also allows you to specify these settings independently per-account, if desired. That’s just what I need … now mac mail is so perfect. Thank you!