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Tahiti Fete 2010


4th of July weekend was, once again, Tahiti Fete week ( My daughter’s halau (Merahi O Tehani) participated in tamarii (children) division for group competition.  Some dancers also competed in solo competition.  We did not win any medal this time, but those kids did excellent.  Their hard work in months of tireless practises really showed during competition.

Picture album:

Part 1, Aparima:


Part 2, Otea:


Badminton, an old favorite sport

Badminton is a world sport that is very popular in Asia and Europe.  I used to be a nationally ranked junior player of Indonesia.  I used to love the game and played it a lot until about 1990. I had not played the game since until just this morning.


We were invited to a birthday party at ‘City Beach‘ in Fremont. I did not expect a badminton court and was ready with my basketball gears.  Once we were there, we saw not one, but two badminton courts, ready and very inviting.  I could not wait.  My girls played with me.  It was their first time and obviously it’s a little frustrating for them (learning it).  In the end, we had a lot of fun though.

Some badminton links:


Sailing for a day

My group at work (Adobe Systems) went for sailing on Redwood Shores. We rented the sailing boats from Spinnaker Sailing School. There’s a sailing instructor that comes on the boat with us. We spent about 4 hours on the water with the instructor guiding us and giving us the basics of sailing. This was a wonderful experience, if you have not ever tried it, you should.

We have pictures from the outing though they are not my own. Pictures are taken by my collagues.

In search of the best college, Go Bears!

While we were at sea, we received the news that Jessica has been accepted by UC Berkeley. This is a very exciting news for us (the parents ;-)). UC Berkeley is an elite school and is located very close to where we live. For us, that is a perfect deal. We are trying to convince Jessica to pick this UC instead of UCLA … to be continued.

In search for the best college

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote. It’s time for a quick update. As most of you already knew, our oldest is bound for college this year. We are all so anxious and excited. Today we attended a presentation by UC Santa Barbara. Boy did they try to sell the school hard or what? Continue reading