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Discovery Kingdom


This week is Spring Break for our younger daughter.  This morning we took her and three of her friends to Discovery Kingdom (  We bought the tickets (entrance and parking) through BeyondWork ( at a very good discount.  We did not get to see every show offered at the theme park but we managed to go on all the rides.  Discovery Kingdom used to be called Marine World before Six Flags bought it.  It’s a very unique theme park that features a combination of animal sanctuary and amusement park.

Everytime we went to the park, we almost always close the day with a dinner at Annie’s Panda Garden (  The restaurant is just about 1 mile away.  Yelp’s reviewers give the restaurant 4 stars,  We would rate it 4 stars too for convenient location relative to the park and decent food.

Pictures are in the Discovery Kingdom’s album.

Jessica Birthday Party


Saturday we had a party at home to celebrate Jessica’s birthday.  She had a few of her friends came over.  We also invited some of our closest family’s friends.  It was a nice gathering and we have posted pictures in our photo gallery (

Prianka's Winter Recital 2008


On Dec 14 2008, Prianka’s Hula/Tahitian dance group performed their recital at Union City’sCrowne Plaza.




CAL move in day

Cal Move In Day

Today is the day.  Today, finally, Jessica is officially moving out of her nest and ready to venture a new chapter of her life independently.  She is moving into her dormitory at UC Berkeley.  We left early to beat the crowd … still, there was already a line when we got there.  She’s got a ‘triple room’ in the Ehrman building of Unit 2 student housing complex.  A little crowded, but the view from her room is priceless.  She’s got the ‘million dollar’ view of the San Francisco Bay that could be the most precious and expensive view we could ever afford in our live 😉  View on the other side (from the Study Lounge) is almost as gorgeous. UC Berkeley did an outstanding job of managing the students moving in process. It was smooth and very organized.  We also had the opportunity to eat free for the day :-)  UC Berkeley provided free breakfast, lunch and BBQ dinner for their new residents and family members.  We ate at the ‘Crossroads’, which is a nice and large dining hall near by the dorm unit.

Photo album: Cal Move In Day

Jessica left for Beijing

This morning, Jessica left for Beijing. She is part of Logan’s UA 1 group. The entire James Logan HS students and family members who are going to Beijing are divided into several smaller groups and leaving at various times starting today. A total of 200 students performers and 100 Chaperones/Family members will leave for Beijing. Fox TV local station, KTVU, covered their departure and here’s the link (with a video clip):

Logan High School Band Heads to Olympic Games