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Stir fry Kangkung with salted Anchovy


stry fri kangkung with salted anchovy

Kangkung is a very common ingredient of Indonesian dishes.  The vegetable flourishes naturally in waterways and requires little if any care.  It has also been introduced to the United States where its high growth rate has caused it to become an environmental problem, especially in Florida and Texas.  It has been officially designated by the USDA as a “noxious weed” (the therm “noxious” refers to its effect on the environment, not to any toxicity).  In the US, you can purchase Kangkung at farmers markets or Asian/Chinese grocery stores and it sometimes is called ‘ong choy’.

This yummy dish recipe is my family favorite.  It is very easy and quick to prepare.  In Indonesian, it is called ‘tumis kangkung ikan teri’ or ‘cah kangkung ikan teri”.  ‘Ikan teri’, salted-dried anchovy, is another ingredient that is used a lot in Indonesia.  It is relatively inexpensive and widely available.


  • 2 bunches kangkung, wash thoroughly and remove stemd from the leaves
  • Red chilies, sliced.  I sometimes use dried chili peppers instead.
  • 4 shallots, sliced thinly
  • 2 closed garlic sliced
  • 2 bay leaves (daun salam)
  • a small piece of gallanga (laos)
  • some dry salted anchovy
  • vegetable oil


  • heat vegetable oil i a wok
  • sautéed shallots and garlic for 30 secs
  • add chili pepers, stir fry 30 secs
  • add anchoy in and stir fry another 30 secs or so
  • add galangal and by leaves, stir fry further for 1 min
  • place kankgung and coock for about 3 minutes or until the kangkung is soften, add a touch of salt and white pepper to taste, mix and serve



Chicken Satay – Tumeric Recipe

I found an interesting chicken satay recipe on this site:  It’s unique because the use of tumeric (kunyit).  I have never seen/known tumeric used in satay’s recipe before.  I gave it a try … it’s not bad, it’s different and definitely not the mainstream chicken satay dish.  Here’s the english translation of that recipe. Continue reading

Bar-B-Que Chicken with sweet soy sauce (Ayam Bakar Kecap) recipe

This recipe is one of probably 10 different variant of recipes I know for sweet soy sauce, barbecued chicken, Indonesian style (ayam bakar kecap).  My mom has her own, my mother in law has her specialty too, every street vendor has their own unique style. This recipe is my own.  This recipe is probably more elaborate than any out there that I know.  What I’ve done was to mix and match all recipes I had learn and come up with one that my family and I enjoy best. I’m sharing this recipe in hope some of you would fall in love with it too 😉

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NY steak, grilled with simple rub recipe

A steak rub is like a marinade with no liquid. Dry rubs add some unique tastes to your steak without overpowering its natural flavor. Dry rub makes a nice, flavorful crust on your steak.

Most of the time, when I grill NY strip steak, I would just sprinkle salt and pepper on the meat before hand. One rub recipe that I would use on my NY steak is this recipe:

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Grilled Golden Pompano

Fish cooking is not my forte. Today we picked up golden pompano, also known as pomfret or bawal in Indonesian. I did not have much time to prepare but I knew I wanted it grilled. So, here’s what I did, my quick and easy recipe.

First, I marinade the fish with:
1. Garlic salt
2. Lemon Peper
3. Lime juice
4. Sprinkles of chili powder

Then I grilled the fish. I sprayed the griller with non-stck grill coating to ensure the fish won’t stick to it.

The grilled fish is served on rice. I also made a dipping sauce made of the following:
1. Chopped shallots (Ind, bawang merah)
2. Chooped Thai chilli pepper (Ind, cabe rawit)
3. Sweet, thick, soy sauce
4. A sprinkle of white pepper